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5 Lessons Video Games taught Me About Success

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Exciting announcement: I now have a column on!

In my most recent article, 5 Lessons Video Games Taught Me About Success,  I talk about how my favorite childhood outlet prepared me for adult life.

Now that I run my own business, I barely have time to play games. But I have had a lot of time to reflect on the life lessons they taught me. In fact, I’m convinced that playing games taught me important lessons about how to succeed at business.”

I relate how the lessons  I learned, such as embracing failure, taught me life-long habits.

“Repeated failure is built into the learning curve of any well-designed game. Overcoming failure is what makes games addictive in the first place. Yet, so many gamers forget this lesson as soon as they put down the controller. Failure is a crucial part of success in real life, too, and you have to learn to embrace it.”

Want to know what other lessons can be learned from video games? Check out the complete article here.
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